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Student Software Access
Please Read Before Proceeding

As a benefit of our relationship with Microsoft Corporation, students enrolled in our programs receive a free copy of Microsoft Office and Windows software for personal use on your personal home computer during your program and after you graduate. Additionally, students in various technology faculties will have access to Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium Programs for your personal home use.

5 Important Things You Must Know:
  • You must download your software when you are registered and attending school. We recommend you download the software from your home internet.
  • Access to this store is reserved for ACTIVE students only. Once your program ends, you will no longer have access to the Store.
  • The college IT department can only support this login page and help with issues related to software eligibility. Difficulties with the online store itself is supported by Kivuto, the operators of the store.
  • By default, the software is downloaded electronically and activation keys are distributed through the site for a limited time only. Please make backup copies of the software you download and safely store your license keys. The college IT department can not help you retrieve them after your download access ends.
  • Should you have issues with the downloading and operation of the software, please contact Kivuto Support at

Instructional Videos

Below you will find three videos that explains everything you need to know about using the store to access and download your software. Please take a few minutes to orient yourself with the process.

How to Download Your Software

Still Have Questions?

Click here to access our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Site

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  • I agree that I have read the contents of this site; have watched the instructional video; and know of the FAQ site.
  • I agree that I am choosing to take advantage of this bonus offer of software at my own risk and that neither triOS nor Eastern College nor their affiliates will be held accountable for any issues that arise as a result of the installation of this software on my personal computers.
  • I agree that I understand that my access to this site, including the ability to retrieve software I was once eligible for will end once my program completes and that it is my responsibility to securely protect the software I download as well as any license keys granted to me.